Breathtakingly beautiful. Munnar, the Kashmeer of south India is With her sprawling tea plantations and winding lanes , was an Ideal tourist summer resort of the erstwhile British Rulers in the colonial days. This land of Neelakurunji offers you unending exposure of the plantation, pristine cavallies ,and mountains exotic specious of flora and fauna and its wild sanctuaries/ habitats this hill station and the little water falls you stumble upon the way side like vallara waterfall s assure you unlimited peace and tranquility.

An awe inspiring sight here is the time less mountains standing geared over the solemn rails of time .-the muniyaras –pre –historic stone burial chambers. Historians call them dolemenoieds (burial cists/made up on four stones placed on edges and covers by a huge stone on top called the cap stone.

While upon the land, just take a pause from the life , and simply start chatting with your forefathers, without any hurdle of language

Iddukky wild life sanctuary:
Introducing you to the mystery and adventure of jungle.
Get ready to be greeted by birds and the cry in the wild woods. Have the opportunity to hand feed your hosts.

Rajamala: 15 km from Munnar, natural habitat of Neelagiri tahr ( mountain goat) Half of the total population of this rare specious is found here. ANNAMUDI-the highest peak (2695meters above sea level)-south of Himalayas rise like a citadel over the park

Nyayamakad :10 km from munnar, located between Rajamala –Munnar. Land of breath taking water fall water cascade down a hill from a height of 1600 meters.

Mattupetty: 13 km from Munnar, Indo –Swiss project. more than 1000 verity of cattle is maintained here .

Eco point: 17 km from Munnar, discover the magic of nature. Remember- if the approach is good response also will be good.

Kundala dam: 15 km from Pallivasal athukkadu waterfall, 8 km from munnar first t hydro electric project .

Chinnar safari: Spectacular scenario awaits you on this world famous scenic drive along the western gats- when you are in the lush greenery contrasting with the golden sedimentary rocks formed 3000 years back and the close watch of the herbal flora – think why you are restricting your tour for one time, and more, beyond words!
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